SasuNaru/NaruSasu fics I'm looking for (I update them all the time)

I look for works like:

  1. "Why you" by LovelyNocturnalSunGoddess

  2. „Midnight sin” by hanyou-elf

  3. "Romancing the Bastard" by Phantomsnow

  4. "Confessions of a Resolute Heart" by Phantomsnow

  5. "Savages of the heart"  by Phantomsnow (full version or more than 31 chapters)

  6. „embezzlement” by CloudNineKitty

  7. "We Love The Ones We Hurt by sour_grape

  8. "All Hail the Octopus" by Scapegoat

  9. "Baby I Like You Like That" by Shinikami Dragon

  10. "Another Second Chance" by Lady Tamakizu

  11. Freaky Thursday” by LovelyNocturnalSunGoddess

  12. "Falling for the Extreme Playboy" by Master of the Rebels (?)

  13. "Junk" by lifeasacloud

  14. "Far away" by Browncoatnaruto

  15. "Through Glass" by browncoatnaruto

  16. "Perfect Stranger" by Memorie

  17. "Stop and Stations" (don't know the author)

  18. "Spark" by yuri moonfire

  19. "Sealed With A Kiss" by WordSlave

  20. "Purr" by Kativachan

  21. "Wasureta" by phoenixdown7

  22. "No place like" bittkitt

  23. "We'll Meet Again" by Bitten Kitten

  24. "Under pressure" by nonowriter

  25. "The storm and the stress" by The Writer Triumphant

  26. "Love's Burden" by Kaikouken

  27. "In the End" by Kaikouken

  28. "Getting her back" by Reya knight (have one chapter, was there more?)

  29. "Sexual favors" (author unknown)

  30. „My Beloved Naruto” By Taua (there's reupload int process on AO3)

  31. "Life Well Spent is Long" by sir authoress

  32. "Path to Power" by The Pro

  33. "Move Out Move On" by etsumilau/matsutake

  34. "Naruto and the Chocolate Stealing Thief" by yamaihime

  35. "Coup de Foudre" by dax11 (full version from ygallery)

  36. "One man's debt is another man's pleasure" by Untouchable_Desire

  37. "Kisses & suicide" by Dusty Miller

  38. "Anbure" by goddess kes

Other deleted from internet fics of authors like :

  1. LovelyNocturnalSunGoddess

  2. Phantomsnow

  3. Neko Izumi (Hell's Academia, Virgo)

  4. animehead

  5. Bismuth

  6. lifeasacloud

  7. Kaikouken

  8. Wordslave

  9. avmin

Rasengan22's fics I found

I had to make a list of what I found, and lj is a good thing for that.

- When the night comes falling from the sky
- Shut your dirty mouth
- A truth better than ours
- Turning point
- Voyeur
- He started it
- Fleeting moments
- Fish and chips
- Empty
- Spring break
- Talk to me (10 chaps) there should be direct link on reddit
- Lost in translation (8 chaps)
- Sometime around midnight (7chaps)


10 dates (5)
Before Hallow's eve (10)
Breakfast in Bed
Camping is intense
Catcher in the Norwegian Woods (6)
Come come watering hole
Complete me
Everything comes full circle
Feels like coming home
I'll fix you
Let it go
Moonlight Sonata
No such thing as heroes
Out of my hands (6)
Scrapped (12, first Little Merman)
Season of change
So good
The problem with metaphysics
The pumpkin patch
Watch your back